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Feb 18, 2018



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"Some have the soul, and some don't.'...Richie Hart gets it man does he have soul"
Vintage Guitar

"What struck me first about Richie Hart was his awesome tone. Then it hit me that his playing was fearless..You feel he's cooking up his solos right there on the spot, just for you...
Joyce Cooling

"A protege of George Benson"...."Richie's playing is strictly in the moment"....
Bill Milkowski

"If you long for the days of extremely confident jazz guitar in the style of George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, and Grant Green, then Richie Hart is your man."....
Lyle Robinson

"Jazz Guitar can be such a freaking bore.It's a tone thing,oodles of contemporary jazz guitarist drool out the same quasi-warm spotless-clean tone.".....They wouldn't last a day in the Richie Hart World. Hart's tone isn't just warm --it's a damn spring breeze.".....
Dan Barry

"He is aware of what the medium is all about"
George Benson

"Richie is versatile master of style"
Hans Thomas

"You can always tell when a guitarist has spent substantial time on the organ group circuit. It's in the blues-drenched phrasing and surging rhythmic feel on up tempo burners and in the knowing,take your time approach on ballads guitarist Richie Hart demonstrates those depthful qualities"
Bill Milkowski

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